Remaking Rothesay Charrette

06 2016

In 2016, the Remaking Rothesay charrette brought people from across the Isle of Bute together to address concerns of population decline and regeneration. Through a variety of collaborative activities an active masterplan and action plan for Rothesay was developed.

You can read a full overview of Remaking Rothesay on the Bute Island Alliance website using this link.

Relevant to travel around town, one of the Guiding Principles for Rothesay agreed was to:
Make Rothesay accessible and easy to get around

The actions agreed to achieving this set out were:
  • Redesign circulation and wayfinding between harbour and town
  • Agree a detailed reconfiguration of movement and parking across the
    wider town
  • Progress accessibility awareness and improvements
  • Provide connected transport and active travel
  • Make better use of promenade

Since 2016, a range of groups and organisations from across the island have been working to deliver on all of the guiding principles and actions that Remaking Rothesay generated.