About the Project

Rothesay’s New School Run aims to make it easier and safer to walk, scoot and cycle along High Street and Townhead. It will improve road safety, cut traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions and help folk get more exercise. As well as helping young people get to school, the project will help people of all ages get to the health centre, hospital, leisure centre, park and workplaces.

In Spring 2021, Argyll and Bute Council used money from Sustrans and Transport Scotland to appoint a specialist team to design detailed improvements for walking, cycling and wheeling along High Street and Townhead - the route selected in a feasibility study carried out in 2019.

At the time of writing, in December 2021, design of the proposed improvements along High Street and Townhead has been completed (see Latest Proposals) and the Council is awaiting a decision from Sustrans whether more funding will be provided to take the design to the next stage and then construction.

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